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About G4WLI 1111

G4WLIPeter Nutt, Manchester, England. QRA: IO83VN

The callsign G4WLI was first held by my father George, issued around 1984, his previous callsign was G8KMN issue around 1975. He was active, initially on 70cm, 2m SSB/FM and later the HF bands.
I inherited his callsign, with a view to keep it in the family, my original callsign being G8IKW, issued in 1973.
Main activity on UHF, VHF, 10m, 6m & IRLP
But uses most HF bands on occasion, mostly mobile activity,
Radios in use :
Main station radios TS-590, FT-847 and IC-9100
Mobile radio FTM-400XDE
Handies IC-92D, FT1D and the
ubiquitous Baofeng

Main station HF antenna is currently a Cushcraft MA5B, LF antenna is a T2FD, a Diamond V2000 for 6/2/70 and a Sirio vertical for 4m
For field work I have a Clansman 320 (HF bands) and Clansman 351 (6 & 4 meters) and an FT-897 for those not so vintage days.
Favourite bands are:
5 Mhz (60m) nice and peaceful NVIS operating achievable most days.
28Mhz (10m) although only occasionally open, offers worldwide contacts via F2 layer propagation and annual sporadic E openings to Europe.
50Mhz (6m) can spring a surprise, often called the' Magic band' as anything can happen given time. Auroral contacts can be fun on this band.
I used to like 144Mhz (2m) SSB but this activity has sadly declined over the years.
The majority of activity is 2m/70cm from the car, as this is where I seem to spend a lot of the working day.
Not a big fan of digital modes, but I do have an occasional dabble and currently have a DV mega for easy reflector connections.
I rarely send out QSL cards, but can be contacted by email (below)


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